Property Management

Established since 1919, we manage a portfolio of 2,000 units in all areas of the property sector - from residential lettings to blocks of leasehold flats. We offer an efficient service, with attention to detail via a team of dedicated staff.

Most importantly, we never forget our business is managing your home.

For more information check our list of services below or contact Karen Clark. 

Rent Demands & Collections

Correct issue of all demands relevant to charges under leases and tenancy agreements. Service of appropriate Summary of Rights, and collection of all monies due.

Tenant Payment Control & Recovery

Service of notices and enforcement of recovery in relation to individual agreements such as CCJ, Bailiffs and Possession etc.

Accounting & Reporting

BACs payments made periodically in agreement with client’s request. Quarterly account statements providing details of all payments and receipts.

Repairs & Maintenance

Fully staffed and dedicated department to take repair calls, and instruct an approved contractor to repair or provide an estimate.

Planned Maintenance

Preparation and implementation of long term planning for major expenditure, such as external/internal decorations, roof renewal, roadway repairs etc.

Property Inspections

Regular and routine property inspections undertaken by agreement.


Full summary of condition provided at the commencement of all residential tenancies.

Statutory Notices

Service of notices as applicable in relation to breaches both to leases and tenancy agreements, together with notices for termination of tenancies.

Health & Safety

Fully qualified contractors to undertake Gas and Electrical safety testing and certification. Dedicated suppliers for Fire and Asbestos Risk Assessments, together with professional advice on any necessary changes to enable disabled access under the provisions of the Disability Discrimination Act.

Energy Performance Certificates (EPC)

Arranged upon request.

Lease & Compliance Advice

Lease interpretation to ensure correct tenant compliance to all provisions therein.

Approved Contractors

All contractors fully insured and approved, and qualified for the required task. Works inspected upon completion as required.

Landlord & Tenant Act

Professional information and advice available specific to the Landlord & Tenant Acts applicable to the individual tenancy.